Bonus Hunting


Bonus hunting so-called Bonus Hunting: What is it and is it still effective?


When casinos first went online, anything could happen. Players were not protected from fraud, operators were not protected from fraudsters.

No serious security measures were implemented on websites, so no player was safe at all times when playing at specific online casinos.

However, the situation changed as soon as governments around the world introduced regulatory bodies to oversee online gambling activities.

These authorities introduced regulations, frameworks and restrictions to make online gambling safer for both operators and players. As a result, online gamblers today can enjoy fair and safe entertainment when using an online casino.

This brief overview of the history of online gambling is important because it is linked to the regulation of bonus offers. When operators first started offering bonuses to players, the rules were loose and there were many loopholes that made the way easier for scammers. This has certainly made it easier for bonus hunters at least. Stay tuned to find out what bonus hunting is and how it has changed the online gambling industry for good.

What is Bonus Hunting?


When online casinos first started offering bonuses to new players, they had one goal in mind: to attract as many new customers as possible to join their sites. And while this seemed like a generous, sincere way to reward players for their loyalty, it also came with a trick. Players who claimed a bonus had to give something in return, a promise to stay on the site and make a deposit there before they could convert their bonus money into real money.

Players quickly realised that the bonus wasn’t really free, so they came up with an idea to get around the casino’s rules. They started creating accounts at multiple online casinos. Sometimes even more than one account at the same casino, under a different name, to collect the bonus two or more times. The idea was to pick up a bonus at one casino, use it, withdraw any winnings and continue doing the same at other casinos in order to profit from the bonuses. And so the term ‘bonus hunting’ was coined.

In short, bonus hunting is the activity of taking advantage of bonuses in order to make a profit on many online casino sites. As such, it has been a popular strategy among online gamblers over the years.

At the time it was popular, the wagering requirements were quite low, almost negligible. Rules for claiming bonuses were almost non-existent. Therefore, players simply signed up at various online casinos specifically to claim the bonus, profit from it, withdraw their winnings, and then move on to the next victim, the next batch of online casino sites.

Due to the lack of strict regulation, this was relatively easy to do. It was very easy to meet wagering requirements and conditions, and it actually worked. Players jumped from one site to the next, and operators were left empty-handed.

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