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Luxor Hotel & Casino

During the pandemic, the popularity of land-based casinos dropped dramatically. However, despite the restrictions imposed, some establishments are still open and even make good profits. In this article written especially for National Casino Canada customers, we will list and describe several noteworthy brick-and-mortar casinos as well as their assortments, features, and extra sections. So, if you are planning to go on vacation somewhere abroad, we advise you to pay attention to the listed establishments, as they truly offer a unique experience to all visitors.

Underground Сasino

The Desert Cave Resort is literally made underground and runs legally and officially. It was built in 1988 in Coober Pedy, Australia. The city, located in the desert, was really popular thanks to opal common in the desert and this is why there were many guests in the city.

Due to the strong wind and high temperatures, the inhabitants of Coober Pedy built dugouts instead of usual houses, so one businessman decided to establish his casino not on the surface, but inside a huge sandstone on the slope of the main street. This decision made Desert Cave the most popular resort in Australia!

The venue is really worthy of exploring! There you will find cool sandy corridors, 10+ poker machines, a nice bar, a cozy restaurant, a pool, shops, and a lot of souvenirs. 

A Pyramid Where You Can Win The Jackpot!

If you are a fan of Egyptian history, then pay attention to Luxor Hotel & Casino located in Las Vegas. This is an extremely unusual establishment that combines unique interiors,

a huge artificial pyramid and a searchlight so powerful that it can be seen from space.

However, the main feature of the venue is that imitations of ancient Egyptian decor are everywhere. There you can see firsthand how the pharaohs of ancient times lived and how beautiful furniture they used. The floors in the casino are made of mesmerizing mosaics, and the ceiling heights are simply unimaginable!

Venetian Masterpiece!

Casino di Venezia

If you prefer the ancient architecture of the Middle Ages, then we advise you to visit the Casino di Venezia, located in Venice and which opened its doors almost four hundred years ago, in 1638. At the same time, the building itself, which houses the Venetian casino, is much older – the luxurious Palazzo Vendramin Calergi was built in 1509 according to the project of Mauro Koducci.

In addition to the casino, the building houses the classic Italian restaurant The Wagner and the Richard Wagner Museum, which opened in 1995. As for games, visitors can play French and American roulette, classic baccarat and its variation Chemin de fer, as well as blackjack. If you’re a fan of poker, you can choose between Texas hold ’em and Caribbean poker. The venue also offers a wide range of classic and video slots with touch screens and electronic control as well as the Wheel of Fortune machine.

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