How to use VISA to gamble online


Nowadays, whenever you open a bank account in Brazil, or even through other online banking institutions, like Revolut for example, you will almost always have access to credit and debit cards that belong to the VISA company.

So, in order for you to start making your VISA payments online, you will only have to use the information that is requested by online shops, or online sportsbooks, which are usually fixed on the front and back numbers of your debit or credit card.

It is worth pointing out that when the payments amount a little higher, you may have to have authorization from your bank to proceed, and it depends a lot on the characteristics of your bank account and the limits that banks accept for VISA credit card payments.

VISA: how the payment and withdrawal method works

It couldn’t be simpler to use your VISA card to pay online or safely deposit your money in the bookmakers, without ever having to reveal your personal or banking information, because with VBV, VISA ensures that no online shop or betting site will have access to your card numbers.

To be able to use your VISA payment at your online sportsbook, you just have to follow these simple and quick steps: 

Select one of the sportsbooks that accept VISA

Visa cards

Go to the payment or withdrawal option and select the “VISA” option

In case of payment, enter the number on the front of your card, your name, the validity of the card and finally the three security numbers that appear on the back of your VISA card.

In case you are making withdrawals, you only have to enter the complete information of your bank account, from which your VISA card is associated

In seconds, you will have your money available to bet, because the whole process is digital and instant, without the bookmaker ever having access to your personal information

Is it safe to make payments and withdrawals with VISA?

Without a doubt, being proven that at this moment in the online sportsbook market, VISA is one of the safest solutions for you to make your payments online, with dozens of years of experience online, helping Brazilians to make their payments online with total privacy and security.

It is important to remember that online payments and transactions made by VISA are protected by its technology, which at no time discloses your card information. So it is impossible that any online shop or online bookmaker can charge you a penny more than you want.

Commission on VISA payments for online betting

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As the company VISA has had a connection with online payment bookmakers since their inception, in the vast majority of cases, for all betting websites that are accepting VISA as a payment method, no commission of any kind will be charged to all their Brazilian customers.

However, if in the case of payment methods commissions are practically nil at online sportsbooks, it is very important to understand that it is likely that you will be charged a small fee at the time you request withdrawals to your VISA account when requested with your online sportsbook.

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