Basic football betting


When it comes to football betting, there are three options which are the most common and most recommended for beginners. These are also the most common types of bets for various other sports.

Moneyline (bet on who wins the game)

This is the most common option for football betting. You just need to pick a winner for the match. Let’s take an example: If the match is Corinthians x Palmeiras, and a Corinthians win is paying R$2.30 for every R$1 bet, while Palmeiras is paying R$3.10, this means that Corinthians is the favourite, while Palmeiras is considered the underdog. You will need, based on your knowledge, to decide who will win. Is it worth betting on the underdog? This may result in a higher profit, but the risk of the bet is also higher. It is up to you to decide if the risk is worth it. From our side we offer you the best expert’s guesses, so that you can make a well planned investment. At Moneyline, a draw is also a betting option.

Point spread

Another football betting game option is by the point spread. It works like this: To balance the chances of the two teams, the bookmaker calculates a number that should be the goal advantage in case the favourite wins. For example, in a Santos x Sao Paulo match, the site may consider Sao Paulo as underdogs and give an advantage of +0.5 goals. Meanwhile, Santos, the favourite, receives -0.5 goals. It is as if Santos started the match with “half a goal” negative on the scoreboard. This eliminates the option of betting on a draw, and the difference in points advantage will be taken into consideration when deciding whether you have bet on the right team or not.

Total Goals (Over/Under)

football goal

The object here is to estimate the total number of goals scored in the match, for both teams combined. The bookmaker will suggest a number and you must choose either ‘plus’ or ‘minus’. For example, if you have bet on LESS than 2.5 goals and the score is Flamengo 1-1 Fluminense, you have to hope that no team scores again. If they do, the match will have reached its third goal and the total will be MORE than 2.5 goals. Find out more about goal betting.

Best types of football bets


If you are looking for more exciting football bets, which allow more boldness and joy, most betting sites offer the options below. These betting options are especially interesting for a sport like football. To learn even more, see our betting guide.

Live betting

A new feature that has made the betting world much more exciting is live betting. Using the bookmaker app, you can bet during the game! Within this mode, there are countless betting options, from which team wins the match, to whether a certain player will score a penalty kick. This form of football betting is interesting because a football match is very dynamic, in which all kinds of unpredictability happen! Following everything live gives you the opportunity to place football bets in a more exciting way!

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