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Collaboration and communication between people is easier than ever. Bring the furthest contact as close as the office down the hall. Use an Open Source foundation to provides essential functionality so you don't re-invent the wheel.

Customer Relationship Management [CRM]
Finding customers is tough. Keeping them is tougher. Still/Moving has custom software components on hand to help including a Newsletter Management Solution to keep you in contact with your most important asset.

Content Management Solutions [CMS]
Need to share specific documents with specific people? Do you have non-technical clients who need to supply you with large files? Whether it's facilitating document transfer or providing Content Management capabilities, there's an Open Source solution for you.

Sales Lead Management and Tracking Software
When talking about a simple lead management software, it generally refers to using an application to create a complete process that will deal with managing and tracking the sales of lead that are happening with your customers. The entire process actually starts from the initial time when the customers gets contact with your business to the time when the lead is converted into sales and then being possessed by the consumer. As if not enough the lead management software is also very crucial in the creation of a process which boosts and maintains the relationship between the customer and the lead seller. For that reason, with time the customers becomes loyal, in time and can even be an advocate for your services or products.

Furthermore, a lead management software is one tool that is important in monitoring and managing your interaction with customers and potential customers. The monitoring starts right through the entire sales process and can even be used to generate sales forecasts and opportunities. Additionally, the software can be customized in that you do recording for the data that is of help to your business. As a matter of emphasis you can add some lead ratings, tags and even use custom fields. This is very important in making sure that you can record more data and hence boosting your interactions with customers. Some of the top lead management software products are as follows:

This is normally a sales tool that is popularly used by entrepreneurs and other small business tools with huge ambitions to do there sales. The application is very important is visualizing your sales and ensuring that very critical and important activities and conversations are not interrupted. A good number of lead sellers like this software since it is intrusive and easy to use at any convenient time. As if not enough the pipedrive app is great element in deal forecasting and can be integrated with other software such as zapier, mail Chimp and google apps.

This is actually a combination of pipeline features, integrations and dashboards that is aimed at generating numerous new business. As a system for managing lead, it boosts and strengthens your relationship and connection so that you can get customers that are supportive, happy and loyal. This is very important since it makes sure that you get consumers who corporates with you from the initial time of your lead sales and importantly throughout the marketing and sales period. AmoCRM as a lead management software takes care of all the aspects that are involved in sales such as email, live chat, website, voice calling and more.

Prosper Works CRM
This is the number one google recommend CRM. The system is unique in some way and helps in closing important deals in faster manner without necessarily spending a lot of time filling records. Prosper works CRM is very helpful in tracking and optimization of sales opportunities and contacts. This tool does a very simple management of your entire sales pipeline is a simple and much visualized way. Some of other important features it has include: easy to set up, little training required to use it and importantly it is an automated lead software that eliminates a good number of data entry.

This is one simple lead management software that is dedicated to cold calling. The major aim and tsk of the application is to provide a workflow for sales that is superior for all the lead business agents and their teams. The software is simple and easy and importantly connects with more than five hundred other software applications including the popular big CRM systems.

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