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Online Broadcasting Corporation
Online Broadcasting Corporation (OBC) is Canada's premiere Webcaster with headquarters in Vancouver and facilities across Canada. With clientele drawn from TSX Top 50 public companies and other high profile investment-focused organisations such as CIBC World Markets & CAPP, reliability is of utmost concern.

"Outsourcing software development work is almost a necessity for a business like ours. We contract with Still/Moving because they aid us in translating our business objectives into realistic solutions with relevant applications. Mr. Brown has a sound appreciation of real world business issues and the need to maintain our bottom line. The work we receive directly benefits our operations and our clients."

Kevin Leinbach
Online Broadcasting Corp.

Unique & Specific Needs

OBC is a company familiar with groundbreaking efforts delivering premiere webcasting services to an exclusive clientele comprised of a who's who list of Canada's business community. While they consistently delivered, it was often a process of sheer will. To maximise profitability we had to streamline production processes to reduce costs and improve reliability.

A live webcast may be likened to a live television event - there are no second chances. In a highly competitive field it is always a challenge to deliver the highest possible level of service and quality as efficiently as possible.


After reviewing product delivery processes a comprehensive solution was developed to deliver a win-win situation for stakeholders and clients. The network includes redundant servers at a high availability managed hosting facility, staging and development environments in-house and remote broadband content hosting services.

By separating functionality from presentation, the Streaming Media Developers gained the freedom to design the custom front end without risk of compromising the critical delivery functionality. Using Object-Oriented system architecture, asking for the webcast signal is a "black box" process for front line staff and is managed from a web-based control panel.

Building on a proven Open Source groupware application, a custom module was developed to serve the needs of event managers and developers alike. The resulting application was the Event Management Utility (emu) that continues to provide OBC with a technical edge.

Client Services

Never content to maintain the status quo, OBC's quest for innovation has resulted in the development of several value-added applications.

Upload Services
A browser-based file transfer application was created to allow their non-technical end clients the means to submit large presentation files for processing. The application addresses the needs of the end user while maintaining system security and efficiency.

When an event is created in the e.m.u. application, client statistics are setup to provide long term webserver log interpretation as well as provisions to access detailed media server logs. Each new event is added to the statistical analysis profile for the client. This requires no intervention thus incurring no cost for OBC to provide customised functionality.

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